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Daniel Piper completes the LSL puzzle

We’re delighted to announce that the final piece in the inaugural Listen Softly London jigsaw is writer, comedian and Jellyfish sting victim Daniel Piper.

Daniel was stung by a jellyfish in Barcelona in 2009. He ran into the toilet in a nearby restaurant and did a wee on his own arm. Upon leaving the toilet a waiter told him he could have just used vinegar.

I doubt he will run into such hassles on a Wednesday night in Kilburn, but you never know what with the rain we’ve been having.

You can find out more about Daniel on his website.

The first Listen Softly London is taking place at The Good Ship, Kilburn, on Wednesday 11 December 2013 and you can find more details about who else is performing on the LSL website.

Tickets will cost £5 on the door.

All profits from this event will be split between the Maytree Sanctuary for the Suicidal and The Tope Project.

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