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Why we’re supporting @TheTopeProject & @MaytreeSavingLi

I just wanted to write a short note about why I am hosting Listen Softly London, and why it is being held in aid of The Tope Project and the Maytree Sanctuary for the Suicidal.

I work for a children’s charity and this week we pushed through a change in the law to allow young people who are in foster care to stay with their foster carers until they’re 21.

While working on this campaign a huge light switched on for me, and it shone on what life is life when young people leave care. We’ve all read the news stories, laden with statistics about how young care leavers may not achieve academically and so on. In my research for the campaign I met a lot of care leavers, and second to none, they were dedicated to improving their futures beyond what others perceived them to be able to do.

One thing that education, a job, or anything that people can strive to achieve doesn’t help with, is loneliness. If you leave care and don’t have anywhere to go, particularly at Christmas, then you must feel so alone – and that is why I want to support The Tope Project in providing a Christmas day for young people who deserve one, but may otherwise have nowhere to go.

That is why I believe that The Tope Project needs backing to the hilt – because if you wouldn’t want to spend Christmas alone, please come down and help to raise some valuable funds so that others don’t have to. I am also very proud to be supporting the Maytree Sanctuary for the Suicidal because despite limited funding, they provide a service that saves lives. Ceri-May, one of the Listen Softly London performers, volunteers for the charity and knows all about the work that they do and I am sure that if you ask her on the night, she will bend your ear off about how great they are.

On a more serious note, we all know people that have slipped and need someone to support them at the vital hours between life and death – and if places like Maytree disappear, then many won’t get the hand back up that they need. I really do hope that we welcome many people for a night of great words and music and even if you can’t come, please do buy a ticket anyway because £5 can make a huge amount of difference to these great causes.

You can buy tickets here (or buy one as a donation)

6 thoughts on “Why we’re supporting @TheTopeProject & @MaytreeSavingLi”

  1. I am unfortunately out of work at the mo, so am sadly unable to offer monetary help, but I will reblog this on my site in hope that my friends may be able to help. A very worthy cause. I have, for reasons I am not going to discuss had Christmas alone and it is soul crushing at 17 to have no body there. All the best for your night. When I am on my feet I will help out financialyl. Again, my apologies.

      1. I’m fine, thanks. A lot worse off than me. Just need a break. One day. Lol
        Good luck with the night.

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