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Post-gig ‘thank you’ and money raised!

I am thrilled to tell you that Listen Softly London last week raised £46.50 for the Fostering Network. The money has been delivered and gratefully received by the charity and they wanted me to pass their thanks on to everyone who came and the amazing poets who gave up their time to perform.

Listen Softly London aims to make contributions through donations and ticket charges to charities that work with vulnerable people. So far, over two gigs, we have raised a fantastic £166.50 for three difference charities – find out more about our charitable activities.

All of the artists who performed did so for free, so a huge thank you to Sarah Sheldon, Ollie O’Neill, Sara Hirsch, Carmina Masoliver, Fran Lock and Loren Kleinman – and a big thank you to The Crown for the use of their facilities for free. It may not seem like much, but it goes a long way to helping to continue to improve the lives of vulnerable children in foster care. Thank you 🙂

You can see pictures from the evening on the LSL website and you can find out how to get involved too.

The attendees and the performers, you’re wonderful, generous and kind people.

Until next time…keep using words powerfully.


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