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Listen Softly London press launches

Listen Softly London was born unto the world as a gig night in a cold and blustery Kilburn November 2013.

Our first night was superb and featured some of the very finest in writing and creative talent from across London. It also raised hundreds of pounds for charities that work with care leavers and people who suffer with mental health problems.

That one night burst its banks and has gone from a trickle of excitement into a fully formed river of a monthly gig night featuring some of the finest literary talent from across the UK and America.

The natural extension of our work is to extend it from the stage to the page while always striving to stumble across and help develop new talent, and so today we launch the Listen Softly London press.

We’re looking for poetry, stories, novels and anything else that you believe is compelling enough to interest us. You don’t have to be a performer to be a writer, and there is no obligation to perform at the nights should your work be accepted – but it is one of the opportunities that we provide.

There is no agenda, we’re just looking for original thought, and original expressions of that thought.

-The LSL team-

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