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LSL presents…Gary from Leeds

Listen Softly London Press is delighted to announce that we will be publishing Your Attempt To Enjoy These Poems is Considered Unsatisfactory, by Gary from Leeds.

Unsurprisingly born and raised in Leeds, Gary From Leeds is currently holed up in London. He’s a trained journalist and failed stand-up comedian.GfL

He performed his debut solo show Yeti at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe. He felt it went pretty well, and others seemed to agree: BBC Radio 2 Simon Mayo Show pick of the week. Recommended by The List. Free Fringe Spoken Word Awards top 5 show.

He’s been published in various magazines and what not. Sometimes when he submits words on paper to places people won’t let him be called Gary From Leeds, so is also known as Gary W Hartley. 

Rob Auton, creator of many wonderful things, has said of Your Attempt To Enjoy These Poems is Considered Unsatisfactory: “If modern society is a piece of plasticine Gary from Leeds is poking it with a stick and asking “What’s wrong?” Really good stuff.”

Paul Eccentric (The Antipoet) has said of the collection: “Why book a standup comedian when you could book a poet for half the price and guarantee twice the laughs? Gary From Leeds is THAT poet: an angry, bald and northern inspirational comic genius who shits all over his contemporaries with his wry, sardonic wit and slightly sinister; stalkeresque delivery. This is not a book to take to bed with you (especially if you’re sharing with a friend): it’s the book to take into the bog with you when you’re feeling a little bunged up.”

Your Attempt To Enjoy These Poems is Considered Unsatisfactory is available to order from the LSL shop now.

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