Gary from Leeds

Unsurprisingly born and raised in Leeds, Gary From Leeds is currently holed up in London. He’s a trained journalist and failed stand-up comedian.


His first collection, Your Attempt To Enjoy These Poems is Considered Unsatisfactory, is available from the LSL shop now.

Praise for Your Attempt To Enjoy These Poems is Considered Unsatisfactory:9780993535321

Rob Auton, creator of many wonderful things, has said of Your Attempt To Enjoy These Poems is Considered Unsatisfactory: “If modern society is a piece of plasticine Gary from Leeds is poking it with a stick and asking “What’s wrong?” Really good stuff.”

Paul Eccentric (The Antipoet) has said of the collection: “Why book a standup comedian when you could book a poet for half the price and guarantee twice the laughs? Gary From Leeds is THAT poet: an angry, bald and northern inspirational comic genius who shits all over his contemporaries with his wry, sardonic wit and slightly sinister; stalkeresque delivery. This is not a book to take to bed with you (especially if you’re sharing with a friend): it’s the book to take into the bog with you when you’re feeling a little bunged up.”

Katy Evans-Bush: “Gary From Leeds is a manic original. Whether he’s talking about the air in your Aero bar, Freud’s knock-knock joke, or the little-known uses of the hipster beard, he is saying something about life as we live it – but not as you knew it. And these poems work on the page as well as the stage. He’s clever. He’s quick, he’s original, he’s verbal. He’s from Leeds. And he’s very, very funny. These poems go in and stick.”

Fran Lock: “Gary from Leeds writes with an incisive eye for the absurdities of modern life. The book is something like a journey through your regular nine-to-five shit-o-sphere, but with a canny and laconic Virgil leading the way and throwing out the kind of wryly amused observations that make the whole thing bearable. This is a book of poetry for anyone that has ever despaired, of life, or poetry, and has found that the best defence against both is a sense of humour. And sarcasm. Lots and lots of sarcasm.”

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