Thomas McColl

First published in the West Midlands Arts magazine, People to People, in 1988, Thomas McColl went on to have poems published in magazines such as Envoi, Rising, Fire, Iota, Purple Patch, the Rue Bella, Neon Highway, Equinox, the Coffee House, the Big Spoon, and Poetry Nottingham International. In 1995, he had a poem featured in poster form on London’s buses via Big Wide Words and in 2003 was included in the Hearing Eye anthology, In the Company of Poets.

More recently, Thomas has had his short stories published in magazines such as Geeked, the Alarmist, Belleville Park Pages, Ink, Sweat and Tears, Open Pen and Bare Fiction, while appearances in anthologies include Stories for Homes (in aid of the housing charity Shelter) and From the Slopes of Olympus to the Banks of the Lea, the first book by Smoke: A London Peculiar.

Thomas lives in London, works at the House of Commons, and regularly performs his writing around the UK.

You can buy the first collection from Thomas McColl, Being With Me Will Help You Learn, from the LSL shop.

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