Thomas McColl: Being With Me Will Help You Learn

In Being With Me Will Help You Learn Thomas McColl uses poetry and short fiction to guide the reader through the murky streets of time and space to find what lives inside our being. McColl uses his experiences pounding the streets of today to show you what could be, if you choose to live in ignorance of the world around you, and where you can go if you sit up, listen, and take heed of those who have been there already.

Morgan Leigh Plessner, on Small Press Book Review, said: “Much of McColl’s poetry has hidden meaning, relating back to the kind of struggles humans endure day to day. He draws upon the small seemingly insignificant things and creates a whole new world in each poem. McColl’s use of smart, intelligent language, compounded with his attention for detail, allows him to construct poems through which we can examine ourselves and the world we call home.”

Martin Appleby said on A Pursuit of Expression: “The book is packed full of wonderful, intricate observations of day to day life that sit perfectly alongside mesmerising dystopian mind melters.”

Jade Craddock said, in a BookSmoke review: “McColl creates new fairy tales – although more grim than Grimm – as in ‘The Price of Fame’ where a single paragraph poem emulates the way the scenario develops like a rolling stone, unchecked and increasingly dangerous.”

Mike James writes in The Contemporary Small Press: “McColl’s prose pieces set up seemingly incongruously comic situations: takeaway restaurants selling poems (and poets); people being arrested for nose picking – ‘The Nose Picker: Public Enemy Number One’ – the sexual exploitation of fruit – ‘Fruit ‘n’ Veg’ – that conceal pertinent questions regarding commoditization and the role of the state. McColl’s day job, working in the House of Commons, no doubt giving him a particular insight when commenting on such matters.”

Sue Sims writes on Poetry Space: “This is an unusual collection of poems and short stories in a multitude of voices, laying bare our idiosyncrasies and exposing the bizarre, the pathetic and the often  cruel nature of contemporary society.”

You can buy the first collection from Thomas McColl, Being With Me Will Help You Learn, from the Listen Softly shop.

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