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These opportunities are not ‘unpaid internships’ because we don’t agree with unpaid internships – however – given that we’re a small press startup and therefore are making limited money, we will only be able to offer limited financial rewards.

you will be part of a team dedicated to words;
you will have limited demands made on your time (though you can of course spend more time on the press if you wish);
you will gain experience of working in publishing;
you will receive a share of the profits;
you will get references;
you will get free entry into all Listen Softly London – Live events;
you will get a free copy of all the books that we produce.
We will also support you in your own creative endeavours. If you need a stage, we’ll provide it, if you need the assistance of an editor then we’ll make sure you have it.

We hope that for now your time with Listen Softly London will be a stepping stone to something bigger for you, and in time we hope to be able to make offers reasonable enough to keep you in the long term.

We welcome anyone with the skills to take Listen Softly London to the next level.


Do you love words? We’re looking for widely read editors help read through submissions, contribute to the selection of writers to work with and then to work with our authors to shape their manuscripts. You don’t need previous experience if you are looking to enter the industry, but you must have the compassion, understanding and maturity to help shape a vision and help to create something that we will all be proud of.


Can you create and develop a visual identity? We’re looking for someone who will create a visual identity for Listen Softly London and Listen Softly London – Live, as well as being responsible for the creation of cover art for our book and ebook publications.


Can you move people? We’re looking for an illustrator who is eager to work alongside writers to create something thrilling and powerful.

This isn’t a test and you’ll never be asked to send in a ‘wacky video’ showing just how cool you are and how much you deserve a job. Some people are rubbish at selling themselves, so we’re happy to let your skills and experience shine in any way you wish to demonstrate them.

If you’re interested in any of these opportunities then drop us a line with your CV, a short note about you, a portfolio if relevant and anything else you think might show your relevance and skills.

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